ManaTank Podcast – 3/3/2013

ManaTank Podcast – 3/3/2013

Star Conflict, Path of Exile, and the anticipation of games to come. Oh and the hits like, you know, NHL 09 and Mercenaries 2.

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  1. Taylor Mcara

    Fuuuuuuuuuuckkkk yeaah 3 hours

  2. At least they are doing their best to try and mix it up. Unlike CoD.

  3. petden

    You don’t know, how to hide people on your facebook feed? How do you live? Go to a profile, hover the Friends button and uncheck Show in news feed. You can do that with pages too. PS4 may use a facebook application to share the things, then it’s even simpler; go to a update posted by that application, click on the arrow in the top right corner, click hide, and then click Hide all updates by this application.

    I don’t have a single application or any shitty facebook game on my wall, because I hid it all. I have like 5 friends and some pages I care about on my news feed; I can actually check every update they post, because it doesn’t get lost alongside all the other shit others post. Also go to Account Settings, Notifications, and turn shit off there too.

    On YouTube I only watch videos from my subscriptions. If you get videos shared with you, mark them all as spam, they send it to everybody, fucking ignore the assholes. If you get messages from fans, ignore or block them. Please spend 5 minutes setting up facebook, and stop being scared of all the social stuff, learn to control it.

  4. madtownJOE2

    Vanquish is fucking awesome!

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