The Zombie WarZ

The Zombie WarZ

DayZ, WarZ and now the official, standalone DayZ game… All of them shambling towards us within the next year. What is a poor zombie hunter to do?

First off, a small spot of news. DayZ creator Dean Hall has announced that the Arma II mod DayZ will be getting it’s own standalone game (via the DayZ blog). Not really too terribly suprising. DayZ has gained massive amounts of popularity over the last few months and a stand alone game was pretty much inevitable. The weird thing is, someone’s already developing a different stand alone game.

The fine folks at Hammerpoint Interactive are currently in the process of developing WarZ, scheduled to launch fall 2012. WarZ promises to be basically everything that DayZ is already. It offers a huge open world, loads of undead foes and a few measly tools to help you survive against them.

As someone who has recently gotten into the DayZ mod, I’m actually pretty excited for both the DayZ game and WarZ. Anything to get me out of the Arma II engine, really. I have loads of gripes with the DayZ mod including, but not limited to, the controls, the graphics, the inventory system, screen tearing, glitchy doors, teleporting into the sky and dying, falling through the world and weapons refusing to fire. That mod has such high levels of jank to it, that the tension comes, for me anyways, from waiting for it to break rather than from the zombies. The only reason I keep going back to it, is that it’s totally unique. No other game in existence does what DayZ does and the thought of having an actual game built around that concept is incredibly exciting.

I’ve already pre-ordered WarZ, which will apparently get me access to the closed beta, so look for more coverage on that when it arrives. The thought of being able to hook up with friends and trying to survive the zombie apocolypse in a game where changing out your inventory isn’t like bending over backwards gets me excited. Real excited.

If you haven’t seen anything of WarZ yet, it’s looking pretty fly. Check out the screen shots below.


  1. Holy cockgobbling fuck! Had no idea you actually liked Day Z! Your livestream made me think you hated the damn thing. I mean, those are all valid reasons to hate it, but I think the reasons to love it overweight the reasons to hate it.

    I’m personally not that excited for War Z. More excited for the standalone Day Z. War Z is very clearly Day Z, marketed for the general public. I want to see it before I buy it, since if they go a much simpler route than Day Z, I will not be interested, and chances are that they most certainly will. It would never go into such a deep gameplay model like Day Z if it wants to survive as a commercial product. Doubt you can build a helicopter in War Z. Or make a fortress out of a firestation with tents, sandbags and barbed wire.

    And that’s exactly what makes Day Z so damn awesome.

  2. Is warz going to be pc only. Also nice article

    • It’s a pretty safe assumption that, initially anyways, it will be. I’d love to see it come to consoles eventually though.

  3. Glad to know dayz is going standalone. I could never justify buying ARMA2 just for a mod and after I saw how glitchy and hacked it’s becoming I got turned off it but, now that its going standalone this is gonna be a definite buy for me.

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