Skyrim Meets the Sims with New Hearthfire DLC

Skyrim Meets the Sims with New Hearthfire DLC

When complete and utter freedom are resting firmly in the palms of your hands, what more could you want? More freedom you say? Nonsense! How about a healthy does of paternal responsibility.

While some people are still waiting to get their grubby mitts on the  first round Skyrim DLC, Bethesda is primed and ready to roll out even more content with which to consume your time. However, the Hearthfire DLC rests comfortably in a different vein than pretty much any piece of Elder Scrolls DLC we’ve seen yet, save for the illustrious horse armor from Oblivion.

Hearthfire is aimed at fleshing out the softer side of Dovahkiin. This time around you won’t be tasked with ridding dungeons of evil spirits or overthrowing political conspiracies. Instead, you’ll be playing pilgrim. Buying land, building a house, and starting a family complete with children are all in the docket for this next piece of Skyrim DLC.

Hearthfire will be available September 4th on Xbox LIVE for 400 Microsoft Points. No word on PS3 and PC release dates at this time.


  1. WHen Skyrim came out I was like “Maybe I will warm up for the idea of DLC now. MAybe I want to have more stuff in this game… Maybe I want to spend outrageous amounts of money for useless shit!” Welllllllll… Nope. Nope nope nope nope nope. Fucking DLC.

  2. Daemon300

    Well… This is… interesting…

  3. Seems…interesting…I guess. Unless there is way more to this dlc I won’t be buying it.

  4. Aaronepower

    Best. DLC. Ever. Finally a part of the game where what you do actually has an impact.

    • I was starting to think I was one of the only ones who saw volumes of potential with this DLC. I’m beyond excited for it!

  5. Prof_Hockenberry

    Seems largely like a combination of a money-dump for high level players and a little something for those who are less Dragon-Born and more book-trader-born. That being said, would be nice to have a house that was a little bit larger, more customizable and in the country, but I don’t think it’s worth the entry fee. Besides, who wants to “fend of Skeevers” and raise a virtual kid?

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