20 Minute Surrender Episode 2

20 Minute Surrender Episode 2

Zyra is out, Ezreal is being played in 70% of games and killing inhibitors in Twisted Treeline is apparently bad. All that and more on this bi-week’s edition of the most erotic League of Legends podcast in the world.

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  1. PandaPornStar

    teemo good y u hate Breast

  2. With all the the champions being pumped out so much. Why is it impossible to relise that every week they just dominate the game then get nerfed to the point where there underplayed?

  3. Mike Anderson

    Not to big into League but im interested enough to show my support and rate it on iTunes and leave comments. Also for the little League I did play the one character I enjoyed was Master Yi ( yes he’s old but he still gets the job done…) 5* podcast just gotta get the work out about it and show support ( you guy deserve it.)

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