20 Minute Surrender Episode 1

20 Minute Surrender Episode 1

Twitch, Evelynn and Xin Zhao remakes, Blitzcrank and Nunu support, and the pitfalls of ELO hell are all bullets on the box of this inaugural edition of the only League of Legends podcast you ever need to listen to.

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  1. liamw4

    Cool show eades will this be a regular thing

  2. KeiToEverything

    Sweet. LoL podcast. This, in addition to the high ELO commentaries that you and Kev do are slowly teaching me how to play League, which I want to do should I ever get a pc to run it.

    • liamw4

      have to ever tried to run it before cause i play on my laptop and it runs fine. you dont need a good pc to run it.

    • KeiToEverything

      Mac user. xP

  3. Daemon300

    …Why does she have 4 ears?

  4. Alright! I’ve been looking forward to this… more content featuring breasts!

  5. Evan Hill

    So much podcast, so little time…

  6. Vkmies

    I have no freaking idea what you are talking about, but I listened to it anyway.

  7. MrMadness

    Since this is a LoL podcast you should probably talk about what jungling n shit is to try and get new players and not have less “fucking retarded teamates”. i play LoL sometimes but i, A suck and B want to get good/ok.

    • It’s primarily for people who already play LoL. Somehow, I don’t imagine spending every episode outlining the basics of the game will make for a compelling show. There are other, far more effect venues to teach players how to play. Like playing the game, for instance.

    • Prof_Hockenberry

      Can you point me to some resources to teach me LoL? All of what I’ve found so far is either at the “kill the nexus to win” level, or the “The sentences are made entirely of acronyms” level, there’s not really much inbetween.

    • Play the in-game tutorial and then just play. You have around 100 games until your account reaches max level and you gain access to ranked, so you’ll have loads of time to learn the subtitles of the game.

      Once you know the basics, this show will make loads more sense.

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