Watch Last Night’s Nintendo Direct Conference

Watch Last Night’s Nintendo Direct Conference

Why all of the stuff in last night’s Nintendo Direct Conference wasn’t announced at E3 is beyond me.

Aside from showcasing the Wii U and a few upcoming titles, Nintendo gave a rather lackluster performance at this year’s E3. Although their new system deserved to be the center of attention, it seems like the 3DS was almost entirely forgotten about. Thankfully, last night’s oddly timed Nintendo Direct Conference revolved almost entirely around the future of the 3DS, which makes me wonder why any of this stuff wasn’t on hand at E3. Either way, if you happened to miss the live showing, you can catch yourself up right here.

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  1. PandaPornStar

    I really don’t like how Namco is being part of SSB, what good games have they made lately?

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