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ManaTank Podcast - 6/18/2012

ManaTank Podcast – 6/18/2012

ManaTank Podcast – 6/18/2012

E3 2012 is done and the crew is back with their postmortem, Shots Party 2.0 and the best way to cure your hangovers.

Be sure to include your ManaTank username in any questions so you can earn the achievement!

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  1. That picture is actually terrifying.

  2. TheDynamicDT

    Nice! A pic of Matt’s whale classmate!

  3. The fact that you searched for and FOUND a suitable picture of Donut Lara is simply incredible.

  4. TheDynamicDT

    @ericpederson Eric,that’s just a pic of Eades from last Halloween…

  5. TheDynamicDT

    Search fat lara croft on google. Go to images. Second thing that pops up!

  6. madtownJOE2

    Any pics of Snake with the fine ass 🙂

  7. PandaPornStar

    yah got that shout out

  8. Vkmies

    You really, REALLY need to stop cencoring the cast just because kids might hear it. Put like a warning on the site or on the start of the episode. I mean come on, you already talk about all kinds of crazy shit, you are totally free to talk about everything else too. If little kids are listening to this, I doubt they will be any more shocked if the cast-member could talk sex/porn. They have already heard you people talk about various drugs and alcohol.
    Podtoid is Destructoids official podcast. It’s one of the biggest video game casts on one of the biggest video game sites. They don’t even have a warning and they are the dirtiest, most disgustingly awesome cast I have ever heard.

    • We didn’t censor anything… we just didn’t read that part of the email, not because kids might be listening, but because PEOPLE might be listening.

      Also, people tend to wrap their good questions in stupid, stupid stuff and I generally don’t read it.

  9. Zach996

    steel series uses an other form of dpi..i think cpi. But they do make quality mice

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