Skyrim’s First Round of DLC Coming to Xbox 360 This Summer

Skyrim’s First Round of DLC Coming to Xbox 360 This Summer

We knew it was coming, but now it’s official.

If you think back a few months you may remember that Bethesda trademarked the Dawnguard name which basically confirmed the title of the DLC at the time, but for reasons unknown to us Bethesda refused to comment on the matter… until now. Bethesda has just released confirmation that the very first piece of Skyrim DLC will in fact be called Dawnguard and it will be released as a timed exclusive for the Xbox 360 sometime this summer.

Skyrim Dawnguard DLC

Exactly what all is involved with this DLC is still largely unknown, but Bethesda has confirmed that most of Skyrim’s DLC will feel more like expansion packs rather than traditional DLC. That means that Dawnguard will probably be something along the lines of the Shivering Isles for Oblivion and feature a whole new area along with new characters, weapons, and quests.

If you want to dive into the name of the DLC and see what you can derive from it, all signs seem to point to something related to to the “Order of the Mythic Dawn” based out of the city of Dawnstar. But then again, who knows.

Aside from basic story and quest information, this patch is almost guaranteed to include a myriad of new features, some which may have already been discovered. A few days back, a keen observer over at riplen noticed some bits of interesting code in the Skyrim 1.5.26 patch and was able to pull this out:


If that looks like a garbled mess of nothing to you, don’t worry. The only thing you should really take note of in there are the words Crossbow, Snow Elf, and Snow Elf Prince Dialogue. In case you forgot, or just weren’t paying attention, the Snow Elf race was driven out of Skyrim by the Nords before trying to find solace in the Dwermer ruins. There they only found betrayal and were eventually blinded and enslaved before ultimately becoming those cuddly, lovable Falmer. If you remember, the Falmer had an affinity for the hucking of spears and Bethesda has already shown off full spear animations, so this could very possibly become a weapon set with the new DLC.

So that discovery right there could in and of itself could reveal quite a bit of information regarding at least some of what we can expect from Dawnguard.

As it stands, no release date has been announced for the PC or PS3 versions of Skyrim. So go ahead Xbox 360 owners, climb into your tower and hurl your insults at the rest of the world and revel in your victory, again.


  1. Don Jake (@Roy9030)

    Great, now my 100% status for this game is gone. Sounds interesting, I hope they don’t mess up introducing the “extinct” and magical race of Snow Elves like Mass Effect did for the Prothean.

    • DavidtheMayor

      Why are you hating on Javik? 😛

  2. ^^this guy

  3. KeiToEverything

    Wait so it’s going to be an xbox exclusive dlc?

    • Jesus

      No only a timed exclusive meaning Xbox Live players will receive the DLC earlier than the PSN players. Could be a week or months who knows I guess just wait and see.

  4. Jesus

    I am not even close to finishing this game and I’ve had it since it released. I am barely a level 33 a guy on my friend’s list has finished it 3 times now and is playing it again on a new character!! I like to tell myself that he is not enjoying skyrim like I am by rushing through it every time.

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