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Matt's Mind - Mass Effect Entitlement

Matt’s Mind – Mass Effect Entitlement

Matt’s Mind – Mass Effect Entitlement

Hey internet… you mad about this Mass Effect game? Cause you seem awful mad…

Alright everyone. You’re pissed about Mass Effect 3’s ending. And it’s DLC. And just about everything else. I get it. This edition of Matt’s Mind comes in audio book form, so those of you who are still too angry to read can enjoy it.

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Feel free to leave any comments below. I’ll check back regularly to see how many fires have started.



  1. KeiToEverything

    Will this one be on itunes?

  2. “I’d rather have them sell it on day 1 when I’m rather interested in the game, when I’m totally stoked for having an extra character in my party.” THANK YOU MATT EADES! Part of the reason why developers sell these DLCs day one is because the number of people who are still interested in the game drops the more and more each day after release.

    2.Ok maybe your ending where everyone dies that sounds like a pretty good because it gives you a straight up ending in which everyone dies and there are no more questions to be asked. But other endings in which people played to achieved in which they expected to all there questions to be answered while at the same time leaving it open ended for a players imagination to run wild after the credits instead they gave us an ending in which everyone is still fucked and there are many plot holes to be filled. This video can explain it better than I can and pratically speaks for all of the internet. http://angryjoeshow.com/2012/03/top-10-reasons-we-hate-mass-effect-3s-ending/

  3. gotmoore69

    I can agree with some of the things your talking about. People demanding a change to the ending of a game is ridiculous. I’m split on the DLC on the disc. On one had the DLC is on the disc and u have to pay for something that you already physically have but its blocked by a few lines of code, But on the other hand, like you said Eades unless your internet is fast as hell your going to be downloading the DLC for at least 4 hours and thats keeping u from playing this wonderful game. The ending isn’t bad but its not good in any way possible. When i finally finished it my first time it felt like all my decisions had no impact on the ending, I had 50% galactic readiness and only had the 2 options and chose to kill the reapers. It just fells like its not enough, like everything i didn’t do was for nothing. I did nothing to help my galactic readiness to go up and i still get to finish the game like if i would have got my readiness up to 80% and just didn’t have that extra choice to combine synthetics and organics. My second time playing the ending i played for a bit got my readiness up to about 85% and went in again, only thing that changed is that i got to kill myself so that synthetics and organics can live together in peace and when i did that the only thing that changes was the reapers lifting off the ground and presumably leaving and going back to where they came from, and when joker and EDI got off the Normandy, Joker had a green tint to his skin and eyes. I havent gotten to see what happens when you try to control the reapers and when u have 100% readiness, but i dought taking control of the reapers is going to be much different from sacrafising yourself to combine everyone into one race of organics/synthetics. I’m not saying its a bad ending but it was disappointing in my eyes. One more thing i want to say. I in no way care about what happens to Commander Shepard, but i do care about what happens to my crew, i might not have came out of ME2 with everyone intact but I couldn’t convince jack to get over her bitchy attitude, and because of her i didn’t have her or tali in ME3. When Mordin, Legion, and Miranda died i could have cried because they were my favorite characters in the game. I still have no idea what happened to Grunt or Jacob or Samara afterwards or if thane is still alive (I seen that i got a msg from thane but i never got to go and see him). What im getting at is that when i went into ME2 earlier last week so i could have my crew with me, I didn’t expect that my final choice in ME3 would come down to pretty much pushing a button

    • gotmoore69

      I got to thinking, if bioware would have had a cutscene at the end that explained what happened afterwards like Fallout 3 and New Vegas, i would be happy even though the ending was meh.

  4. I’ve played and finished a few games in my 23 years of living. And most of them were either bad or underwhelming. But in Mass Effect’s case, they promised an ending unique to everyone. Where your choices dictated what ending you got. And when I got to the end, beamed up to the citadel, and encountered the Kid God. I knew I had been lied to. My choices only changed a number. I got no cool cut scene for saving the Rachni, TWICE!, nope. No Krogan and Torian soldiers working in tandem to help me. Nope. No Geth Primes fighting at my side. Nope. I got a straight path of fighting the same enemies of before before getting to choose between A, B or C ending. And what about the Keepers?

    So yes, the ending was bad for me. Did I demand a new ending? Nope. Do I belittle those who felt outraged enough to speak out and what a new ending? Nope. So how will this lie of an ending “Effect” my relationship with Bioware? Well, Dragon Age 2 for me flopped. I found it shallow and boring. Origins though… I want to go play that again. At least in that ending, the people you got to join you actually show up… I digress. From this point onward. The name of Bioware means nothing to me any more. I will not purchase another of their titles. I’m done. And I imagine a lot of people are. Hence their plans to release New Ending DLC. To save face. To save customers.

  5. Dáire

    although i find me3’s ending interesting, the thing missing for me was an epilogue. there was a small one, sure, but i think it was lacking in detail for a trilogy that was so much about the characters and the society, let alone the reaper threat.

    PS. i chose the same ending, and not to get critical, but i’m sure the wave that spread just destroyed technology like an emp. granted many probably would die from not being able to live without their handy omni-tools, but still

  6. I got to agree, I loved the ending(s), they were well written in the sense that they’re dramatic, I liked how it was just dark and just how shits going down, it was conclusive around shepard, but still open to interpretation, sure I thought the ending with him alive was a cliffhanger, but those endings were not bad and where the fuck did people get off demanding a ”fixed” ending after boycotting the game about day one dlc.
    Inernet bandwagon hate is always so retarded

    • People wanted a “fixed” ending because this ending was terrible. You want to know why? The ending answered nothing. It was promised again and again that this would answer most of the questions about the Mass Effect Universe. It was also promised that players would get 16 unique endings depending on all your choices throughout the 3 games. We got 6 exact same endings with 3 different colors. They promised that saving the Rachni would have a MAJOR impact on the final battle. The Rachni were not present at all in the Battle of Earth. It also left shit tons of more questions, Wouldn’t destroying all the mass relays wipe out all life in the system the relay was in ala Arrival?, What the fuck happened to all the characters that I just spent the past 3 games with?, Why can’t I simply decline to do anything with the Catalyst and the Crucible in the last scene and believe in the army that I just spent 30+ hours assembling to stop the enemy that we are all now assembled against? You say the ending was conclusive around Shepard? Tell me what it concluded. Reapers destroyed/controlled/synthesized. That’s about it. But then, if you destroy, it shows Shepard still alive. That is not conclusive. Also, Shepard is not the huge and main thing about Mass Effect. It’s the world and the characters that we all have learned to love and learned their backstories and understood why they are the character they are. Mass Effect 3 answered nothing about what happened to them.

      That is why the ending to Mass Effect 3 is bad. That is why people are demanding a new ending. That is why it is Bioware’s duty to fix this horribly bad plothole that it opened up, and to live up to their promises.

    • ALSO, why the hell did Joker suddenly jump ship to the nearest relay with your squad and LEAVE THE BATTLE THE NORMANDY IS SUPPOSED TO HEAD. It doesn’t make any sense.

    • Almost like the Normandy was never really in the battle to start with…. HMMMMMMM. Also, who knows how much time passed between entering the conduit and arriving at the Citadel.

    • I guess they hired M. Night. Shamamlalyan (however you spell his last name) for that.

  7. While Mass Effect 3 was an amazing game I can not but help be pissed off at the fact that the last 10 minutes were totally unsatisfactory. When I first played and was close to the end I was so excited to finally finish off this series I spent countless on just to be greeted by some new character called the catalyst that says since organics and synthetics can not work together and will eventually wipe each other out. This point here does not make any sense at all. Did my Shepard suddenly forget that he untied the Quarians and the Geth, or that he brought Edi and Joker together? This frustrated me to no end. However I was even more pissed off when I figured out there was only 3 options that are the same no matter what you do. Also, you could not see the repercussions of any of your actions like curing the Genophage. This was essentially telling me “hey remember that important decision you made? Yeah it doesn’t even matter here have a different colored version of your ending that will make you happy right?.” Well call us entitled but I feel that my choices do matter and that Bioware did not deliver.

  8. Paul A.

    I want to start by saying that there is a difference between complaining and criticism. Granted, the good majority of people that are upset about the ending are just straight up complaining, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with some constructive criticism, and I hope that I don’t come off as complaining now. I also want to say that I love Mass Effect 3, even if I did find the ending to be disappointing, and there’s no way in hell I’m going to let five minutes ruin my favorite game series of all time. Anyway, on to the issues. First of all, I’m extremely upset with the internet community for forcing Bioware to create an alternate ending. It’s Bioware’s story, not yours, and you have no right to demand they change it. Second, I have no problem with the day one DLC. I simply just do not care one way or the other, and that’s all I have to say about that. Now, I’ll tell you why I dislike the ending. It’s not because of the choices you are provided with, I actually thought that they were kind of brilliant. I felt like Bioware did an amazing job of presenting to you how epic your decision was. I also liked how dark it was, and felt that it was much more interesting than the sunshine and puppies ending they could have gone with. Eades, you said that the story is about Shepard, not his companions, but I wholeheartedly disagree. Over the course of the three games, I spent many, many hours getting to know my teammates. I actually grew more attached to them than I did to Shepard, as I’m sure many others did as well. Why would Bioware create scenarios where you shape and influence their lives so much if, as you say, it doesn’t matter? That the story is not about them? After spending so much time on them, I would have liked to know where they ended up afterwards. You also defended this by saying that it left the ending open for interpretation. Usually, when a good ending leaves things open for interpretation, it is in a philosophical kind of way. They ask questions such as, were the character’s decisions morally right or wrong? Did the events of the story actually happen? Mass Effect 3 did an excellent job in making the player contemplate these questions, and more. What a good ending doesn’t do, however, is make you come up with your own conclusion. And when I say conclusion, I mean it in the literary sense, not as in your own deductions. There is nothing philosophical about that, and it is something that is critical to the resolution of any storyline. While you see what you did to affect the galaxy, you do not see how you affected the galaxy, and I believe that is the problem, if that even makes any sense. Well, there’s my two cents. There are a couple of other minor problems I have with the ending, but I don’t think they are nearly as important as what I have already stated, and I don’t want to make this monster of a post any longer than it already is.

  9. Pretty powerful arguments, I’ve never played Mass Effect (except for the demo) but I did watch a playthrough since I’m not good enough to play myself. When it was the end I was happy with it I liked how it wasn’t another all well ends well, maybe I’m not that attached to the crew since I haven’t played with them like all the other fans. Your point “it means your team made it Shepard died but you did good” I have to agree with that more than anything if all the mad fans just realized that Bioware wouldn’t be getting all this hate

  10. Bioware is a business and every business deserves to be held accountable for the product it delivers and how it advertises that product. Do I think they deserve to be reported to the FTC? No. Do they deserve to get some of the hate that’s being thrown at them? Not really. However I do think it was a sub-par ending because, and I’ll give Casey Hudson credit for this, it ends my interest in the Mass Effect universe and any further content they release. I can deal with Shepard dying, heck I expected a ending where he sacrificed himself, but destroying the Mass Relays pretty much ends any further Mass Effect stories. Unless they want to do some prequel, which George Lucas did so “well”, or show many millions of aliens dying on Earth because they can’t leave. The Mass Relays allowed the Mass Effect universe to take place and now they’re gone. Plus the Reapers were supposed to be mysterious but the genocidal space child explained them and their purpose in about a minute. Mass Effect 3 is a good game with a “meh” ending. After Knights of the Old Republic, Dragon Age (not 2, sorry Swag), and the first two Mass Effects, it just didn’t feel as good to finish Mass Effect 3.

    P.S. The word “entitlement” needs to be destroyed because it’s overused.

    P.P.S I’m sure Kevin thinks I’m a nerd for my knowledge of the Mass Effect universe, the most expansive universe I might add.

  11. valdemar

    I do not understand what everyone is all upset about. I thought that the ending made perfect sense. The hero does not always survive. I chose the ending where organics & machines merged and shepherd sacrified himself to save the galaxy. I thought that it made perfect sense especially since I was doing a paragon playthough. I am working on my 3rd playthrough and have enjoyed the 2 different endings that I got.

  12. Jason Reaves

    I found the endings to be quite satisfying, as I was hoping what had happened, to happen.

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