Kojima Shows New Fox Engine – Has Horses

Kojima Shows New Fox Engine – Has Horses

Kojima may not be working on a new Metal Gear sequel but his team is in the process of creating one of the best looking game engines, possibly ever.

When, and if, Kojima ever does get around to making another Metal Gear, the part where Snake has to sneak into a meeting room and rescue a horse will be beautifully rendered. Below are two sets of photos. One set are actual pictures taken with a digital camera, the other are real-time renders of the same room in the new Fox Engine.


Now we just have to convince Kojima to remake Metal Gear 2: Sons of Liberty in this new Fox Engine. I like my naked cartwheels to be as photo-realistic as possible.



  2. SuperG

    Holy crap this looks absolutely stunning

  3. Daniel

    Now the question is, are they going to work on PC as the platform of choise? Because there is no way current age consoles are able to work with these kind of graphics without dropping frames.

  4. Horsies in the office….whatever next, penguins in the lavatory?

  5. madtownJOE2


  6. Dylan Kilbride

    that can’t be real?

  7. BaconForce

    I wonder whats the horse’s name is.

  8. Just a normal Japanese meeting room

  9. Benjamin Toynbee

    Looks pretty

  10. PandaPornStar

    that looks too realistic for my liking..

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